55' Coppa d'ORO (Italien)

Termindatum:Samstag, 08. September 2018Startzeit:09:00h
Enddatum:Sonntag, 09. September 2018Ende:16:00h
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Beschreibung:Remembering !                                                 Save The Date !!
Control Line World Cup Competitions  F2A-F2B-F2C-F2D : GBR World Cup - 6/7 September 55' Coppa d'ORO - 8/9 Sept.2018
double your World Cup scores & take your Revenge, after the World Championship !!!
All our Aeromodeller Friends are invited ! Welcome to LUGO airfield for this event, one more time will be a memorable competition. Your great interest has grown the event over our previsions! If you come with family or friends we need some skilled helpers: we offer gadgets and meals...
Trial flights from Wednesday 5 September - Camp site avalable at the airfield A valid 2018 FAI Licence -and FAI ID- is mandatory.
International NON WORLD CUP Competitions will take place also for: F2G - Control Line Electric Speed   &   F2F - Profile Racers
VARIED Maximum Number of Competitors per Category: F2A (& F2G) = 10  #  F2B = 25  #  F2C = 25  #  F2F = 12  #  F2D = 40 look at the Provisional Competitor List please REGISTER quickly, limited entry remains ...
F2D pilots, please ask if you need fuel (8 per liter)

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